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Choose the right Cloud Provider for your Business

North Atlantic Consultants provides organizations with over 40 Cloud solution options.  We’ve vetted the top suppliers for each technology, and we understand their strengths and weaknesses in each category.  We’ve also assessed the optimal suppliers for your specific vertical.

Cable Services

North Atlantic Consultants has strategic partnerships with almost every Cable company in the U.S.
Spectrum, Comcast, Cox, Optimum Business, Optimum Lightpath and RCN are just a few. By working with North Atlantic Consultants, as opposed to working directly with the cable company, you’ll get a neutral, highly invested partner.

our Leadership

Michael Agri


Mr. Agri has served as a IT and Telecom consultant to several Fortune 500 clients including Liberty Mutual, AIG, State Street Bank, and Walmart. Mr. Agri has held leadership positions for both regional and national telecom carriers before launching North Atlantic Consultants in 2009.

Mr. Agri earned a B.S. degree in business management from Franklin Pierce University in 1999. He, his wife Ashley, and son Luke currently reside in Port Orange, Florida.

Why North Atlantic Consultants?

Managing telephone, network,  data, and cloud storage is complicated. The orders, the contracts, the unpredictable, indecipherable invoices, and costs. North Atlantic Consultants brings transparency to telecom with a portfolio of over 100 providers that enable businesses to save money, track expenses and gain total control. 

Experience with the Following Verticals:

Automotive, Financial, Hospitality, Real Estate, SMB, Logistics, Enterprise, Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, Government, Education, Software, and Not for Profit.

Learn how your business can benefit from Cloud Solutions

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UCaaS for the Win

The next generation of VoIP is here. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) covers all of your communications needs under one umbrella: Business Phone System, Unlimited Calling, Video Conferencing, Screen Share, Conference Calling, SMS, eFax, Voicemail transcription to text, and much more.  

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Steve Jobs

SD WAN Explained

SD WAN aggregates at least two links together to create a single bundled link that’s stronger than either one individually. It provides rural sites with enough bandwidth to use voice over IP (VoIP) and process credit card transactions. 

Cloud Services, made simple.

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