Michael Agri

Founder and President

We Don’t Just Teach Cloud Based Phone Systems to Business Leaders — It’s How We Built Our Company

Since October 2009, North Atlantic Consultants has been helping businesses like yours procure phone systems, network, and cloud services. We offer valuable and independent information that helps our clients leverage new technologies to drive revenue. We work for you to select the best phone system and internet access to power your business. 

It’s called a “Vendor Neutral Technology Advisor”. North Atlantic Consultants founder Michael Agri has been building businesses with Telecom and Cloud Consulting services since 1999, before anyone used that term.

North Atlantic Consultants started as a simple one-man Telecom Agency out of a 2 bedroom apartment in Peabody, Massachusetts. Today we have more than 250 customers — and we’ve grown by becoming an extension of our customer’s staff and sharing in the success of each project. 

No advertising. No venture capital. No outbound sales team.

Just $1,000 in seed cash and a lot of hard work. Every project we’ve completed was conceived from the practical, real-world needs we see every day in our clients.

Today we’re a profitable company that’s growing fast. But our mission has never changed: We find the right solutions that help you reach your business goals.

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